Friday, January 06, 2012

refresh better mature.

"Life doesn't change but people do. So learn to accept that not everybody is who you thought you knew."

"I love to see the purity :') It reminds me a lot of the past."

One day, I was sitting and thinking about how much I've changed, about how much I grew.
We are all familiar with the saying "People don't change".

"Ya, kau jangan risau, aku takkan berubah bila aku pindah nanti."

Ayat standard bila pindah sekolah. :P
However, I'm the living proof of the opposite.
The fact is "People do change".
To be better or maybe worst.
And I always believe the old saying that says "Changes is the only constant thing".
And once, Kak Wardina ever said that, "The only things that never change is the Change itself."
Yah, I still remember that. And I will always.

So now, I'm 19.
Insha - Allah, for this coming October, genaplah sembilan belas itu. Huhu, perlu ke bagitahu? =.='
Oh Allah, and I just realise that this is the last year for me to nikmati kemanisan hidup berangka 1 di hadapan.
Well, I just love to say that, I know I'm getting younger, but I wonder on why my age number keep increasing! :/ huhu, D - SIMs' quoted this, and it's pretty ohsem :D
Okay fine, and I'm still find my own identity to become a better person, a better muslimah instead.
And I realise, people around me are constantly changing, for better or for worst.
Sometimes, I just like wanna cry as I saw their change from day to day.
But Allah have something that He plan for all His servants who He loved.
I believe.
And that's what we call as Nikmat and Musibah.

Teenage lust, mixed signals, growing apart and heartache.
And that's growing up.
I myself change too.
I had been feeling lost for quite sometime, and just after that, I realise that I made a mistake.
A mistake that sometimes grow with the interfere of Nafsu and Shaitan.
I never forget to praise Him, to be thankful to the Almighty for the awareness that was given to me.
I guess its time to really get a good grip of myself and set my foot and starts a new chapter of my life.
I hate feeling lost. I really do.

Tidak ada jalan pintas dan mudah.
Melainkan dengan usaha dan mujahadah.
Bagaimana? Lawan sajalah.
Tidak ada mentera dan jampi untuk ubah kita sekelip mata.
Mujahadah, taubat dan doa selalu pada Allah.
Semoga diberikan kekuatan buat kita.
Ya, no pain, no gain. Cuma itu.

Don't cry because of the hardships of this life.
Cry for the forgiveness of Allah.
Don't cry and feel sad for Allah will never leave you alone to suffer.
He is with the believer who calls His name.
He smiles to the believer who repents.
He loves the believer who runs to Him in struggle.
And on The Day that is coming, you will see how much love and comfort He gives to those Muslims who suffered for Him.

"The road of the dunya is hard and long, but you have no idea what is awaiting for you. So, never give up on your Iman."

We all will sin. That is a certainty. But the choice is ours. Will we follow the footsteps of the one who repented and became a prophet, or will we follow the one who refuse and became forever cursed?

PS. Okay, jangan pelik jangan hairan, saya masih Farhana Selamat dan saya berubah, berubah to the better.
PPS. Saya mahu jadi lebih matang dalam penulisan. Hope anda suka!

Sedikit refreshment untuk diri dan sahabat.
Untuk blog ini juga.
- farhanaselamat -


syeras' said...

GOSH !! I swear, like that BABY damn much !! HAHA

farhana | selamat said...

Comel kan?
Thanks for dropping here.

PAAN zulkarnain said...

nice posting :)

farhana | selamat said...

Shukran Paan.