Tuesday, April 10, 2012

one big family.

Have you thought about,
Why we look the same?
Why we feel the same?
Don’t tell me it’s by chance.

Oh, you’re my brother,
You’re my sister,
We’re one big family.
Oh, you’re my brother,
You’re my sister,
Just one big family.

It doesn’t matter if you live far away from me,
You feel I feel, you bleed I bleed, you cry and I cry,
We sleep and dream,
Sometimes we’re sad, sometimes we’re happy,
You breathe I breathe,
We love, walk, talk and we smile.

I care about you,
And I wish you could realise,
There’s no difference between us two,
We’re part of one family,
No matter how far you are,
And even if we don’t know each other,
Oh, you and me, me and you, we are one.

One Big Family - Maher Zain.
Dan lagu ini membawa aku kepada -> Homesickness! >.<
Ohh ~ Be strong Farhana! Be strong! Perhaps.


Iezza Syaida said...

muka sama semua~
go GREEN! :D

D-SIM said...

amboi, gambau raya dikorekny

Anonymous said...


nice poem. and nice picture. comel.

farhana | selamat said...

well well, no wonder akak masuk uniten en. mmg dah go green sejak dari rumah :)

farhana | selamat said...

w'salam :)
it's not a poem by me, actually it's a lyric by maher zain. his new song - one big family :) and i'm kinda melt with that song. huhu. you better listen it! thanks btw! ^_^

ciksengeh :D said...

fna , nnt letak gmbr adik bru pulak ;)

farhana | selamat said...

ofkoz amaa, tunggu 16 hb yeah ~
rindu anda sesangat! ^_^

cik chopu said...

hihi adik kau dah besar.