Thursday, May 17, 2012

you left so soon, so soon.


35 people. 
35 characteristics. 
3 Trimester. 
3 major course. 
16 subjects.
1 mission.
1 heart.

PC UNITEN KSHAS 2011/2012 :)
18 May 2011 - 9 May 2012

When we first talked to each other, I knew we would always be friends. Our friendship has kept on growing and I'll be here for you to the end. You listen when I have a problem and help dry the tears from my face. You take away my sorrow and put happiness in its place.

Yeah. You're that one friend. That no matter how far into the dark you are, they are always there right beside you. They would cross the world for you, just to know you're okay. You don't even have to tell them you're not okay.

Sometimes all they need to do is take one look at you and they can feel your pain. They don't care if they stay up with you all night while you cry, they would never leave your side, not if their life depended on it. They would never turn their back on you, no matter how difficult life gets. 

They put you first and will protect you until you die. You trust them with your life and love them with all your heart. The more you push them away, the tighter they hold on. No matter how many worries you put in their mind, they're always there with the best advice.

We can't forget the fun we've had. Laughing till our faces turn blue. Talking of things only we find funny. People think we're insane. If they only knew! Well. When everyone in the world has turned their back on you, this one friend is still standing right beside you, holding your hand, whispering 'I will never give up on you'.

I guess this is my way of saying thanks for catching me when I fall. Thanks once again for being such a good friend and being here with me through it all.

Star has 5 ends,
Square has 4 ends,
Triangle has 3 ends,
Line has 2 ends,
Life has 1 ends,
but I hope,
Our ukhuwah has no ends :)
Ukhuwahfillah Abadan Abada.

We've done many things together.
Without we aware of the time that passes.

Derma Darah.
Karnival Bestari.
Kawad Evaluation.
Taboo Fest.
Apresiasi Day.
A visit to DRB - Hicom.
Community Service.
Sport Games.
Convocation Day.
Graduation Day.

And I will surely miss these moments together with them :')
So, that's why I am very willingly to join all the activities together with them.
Appreciate and always appreciate! ^_^

The Heroin behind the scene. Hoho.
Nadia, Durga, Amelia, Jia Yi, Hazirah, Aliya, Amirah, Anis, Aimi, Piqa, Atie, Dahlia, Syano, Popo, Riri, Said, Farrah, Alia, Azlin, Hazreena, Hanis, and ME (Farhana).

The 12 Hero. The most extinction one. LULZ :D
Yap, Yong, Boo, Hanif, Hadi, Israq, Acap, Syahir, Farid, Faiz, Iqbal, Haziq.

And the Superb Lecturer that always guide us in many ways. Hopefully kita akan bertemu lagi. Walaupun sesungguhnya, amatlah mustahil kot nak ke Lecturer Room kat Wisma tu lagi time Degree nanti. Err, boleh ke cakap gini?

A big thanks to Madam J, Miss Aini, Miss Husna, Madam Nazirah, Ustaz Zul, Madam Azlina, Madam Azlin, Sir Hafis, Madam Maimun, Madam Hamisham, Madam Sarah, Miss Eszleen, Madan Umi and of course the one and only Miss Farah :') Jasa kalian tak mampu kami balas dengan harta benda. Semoga Allah membalas segalanya!

It's the times we're so crazy, that people think we're high.
It's the times we laugh so hard, we can't help but cry.
It's all the inside jokes and 'remember whens'.
Those are all the reasons that we're best friends! ^_^

Thanks so much friends for supporting me :)

They're the one who always hear me when I'm down.
They're the one who always accompany me wherever I go.
They're the one who carry me up on the day I get fainted!
They're the one who is very patient answering my weird question.
They're the one who keep reminding me about Islam.
They're the one who willingly become my crying shoulder.
They're the one who become my tempat bermanja.
They're the one who keeps cheering up us with the 'pangkah pangkah' thingy.
They're the one who being so creative and greatto be with them.
They're the one who never tired of being my alarm clock sometimes :P
They're the one who never make my day feel bored.
They're the one who always entertain me although sometimes it was not so funny. LOL XD
They're the one who take a good care of me when I'm sick.
They're the one who being a loyal friend ever!
They're the one who complete my memory in Muadzam Shah :')

Thank you friends! ^_^

Well, you know what. Foundation life is AWESOME! Like seriously. Everyday belajar benda baru. Lagi - lagi bagi saya yang tak pernah langsung menjejaki dunia Accounting, Economics, Computing, Business etc etc. Yes, sangat suka. Kot. Even though masa awal - awal tu macam tak caya jaa saya akan maintain dalam course Finance ni. Kini, tinggal kenangan, tempat tempat di atas ini. Goodbye PPA! Goodbye Bestari! 

And, welcome Degree!
Oh, it seems too fast to wish this.
*Tergamam* D:

Well yes.
It's tomorraaaaaaaawrrrrr ~ 18 May.
My anniversary of being a student in UNTEN Kshas.
Jyeah! It has been a year I live in Muadzam. Well done me :D

Anyway, this is the montaj of being a PPES / PPC sudent in UNITEN.
May Allah bless us in anyway.
Hm. Sedihnya dah tak sama class lagi lepas ni :'(

PS. Alhamdulillah. Allah bagi peluang untuk merasa nikmat ini. Biarpun berlainan fikrah. Thank you Allah!
PSS. Lagu 'So Soon' by MZ keep repeating in my mind. I dunno why, but I bet I will miss the trio YTN - mates. Semoga berjumpa lagi! Elok elok mua'yashah di US nanti. KP, Zack and Yeen :)

PSSS. To someone, you're being so brave. Thank you. 

Love you all sampai mati!
- farhanaselamat -


eyzasyahirah'sabri said...

terharuuu baca. hehe :)
nanti degree duduk mana ?

farhana | selamat said...

saya duduk ilmiah.
i.Allah jumpa di ilmiah ~

ciksengeh :D said...


*boleh je nak edit blog awk . hehe :D

farhana | selamat said...

yeay! tapi macam sayang dah dengan layout star ni :') thanks awak!