Sunday, August 25, 2013

perfect time.

Thanks Allah for giving me a chance.
A chance for me to realize where I am now.

I always hope to have this kind of feeling.
A special feeling that touch the heart of every souls.

(2 : 30) & (51 : 56)

These are the ultimate purposes of our life.
An ongoing process that we should take by today.

But sometimes,
To move forward, we should look a step back.
To learn, to take the ibrah, and to keep remind of what should we do.

I hope, this moment will be the best time for me.
For me to be someone else, the true slave of Allah as it should be.

Sometimes, I feel rejected of myself.
I've no strength to let go the miserable things!

Yet I know,
There is no point to be at the same level day by day.
We just have to be istiqamah with the change that we do today.

Have faith in Allah!
This is the perfect time for me to leave all those things.

I'm quit from this fake game.
Sayonara gubbai, miserable world!

You know nothing.
Yet, I'm sorry for everything.
Give me a chance to be a better me.


I love all my polkadot - mates. Fillah! ;)
Thank you Allah for giving them in my life.
- farhanaselamat -

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