Sunday, November 30, 2014


Thank you for waking me up!
It's about a month I still in daydreaming state.
MashaAllah. What had happened to me and I just dunno.

Doing a planner just make me on track.
Huish. A month of wasting time, I just can't believe.
Is this a real Fann that I ever knew before?
Heh. You rest too much Fann.
Let's come back to the reality.

Say hi to your FYP and Exam!
May Allah ease. :)

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

only you.

Ya Allah. I dunno.
If I have made a wrong decision before.
I run away from the hospital just because I want to continue my study.

Help me if I am wrong.
I know this is a test for me and my family.
InshaAllah with Your will, everything will be fine.
I always believe in You, the Almighty. Ya Syafi.

Sometimes they were too care about me.
I know their intention just to help their cousin.
But sometimes I feel like they force us with their decision.
Ya Rabb, I know this is a test.

Don't separate us with this little thing.
Some will not understand what are we going through.
Some might be understand but actually they are not really do.

I have faith in You, Allahu Rabbi.
I may not be the best slave for You.
Forgive me for all my mistakes and wrongdoings.
Only you could help me away from this tiny bubble of trial.

(3 : 160)

Saturday, November 29, 2014


I will always remember.
The time I was so eager.
To search for the beautiful poems all over the newspapers and books.
Just to fill the emptiness and well it is my hobby on that time.

I also remember.
The time I have books for me to write all those cute and creative messages.
Haha. Ya, no hand phone on that time makes me so hardworking for that.

I miss those moments a lot.
That I have not much time to do that again.

Andai bisa ku undurkan waktu. :')


If you trip as you run through the hall, your nose bleeds.
If you trip as you run through life, you cries.

Tears is the nosebleed of your heart.

- You :)


Years back on 2005 I guess.
Here we are with the Biodata syndrome. Hehe.
It was so funny to look back on what I had wrote there.

My childhood was influenced by the artist too much.
Ohh-emm-gee! Haha.
See those songs. I don't know if that is my favorite once.
So much lagha and entertainment!

Alhamdulillah for reminding me with the ghazwul fikr.

Friday, November 28, 2014

book lover.

I just don't know when it was started.
And suddenly I fell in love with it so much.
Like no other thing can separate our strong relationship.

I feel like I was attached by it.
Until now, my nafsu is so high when I bump into it.
I just realized that I only have nafsu with it and not others.

Is it too much to be loved with the books?
I never feel waste investing most of my pocket money for it.
Thank you Allah for this chance.


Somehow I become scared.
All of my friends were struggling to have the best place for their internship.
But me? Still waiting for TNB as they have made their promise to save a placement for us.

But nahhh!
I was like don't do anything for it.
Just sit down and wait for nothing.

The worries is coming!
Please TNB, don't give us a fake hope.

Why worry Fann?
Everyone has their own rezeki that Allah has plan since Luh Mahfuz.
Chin up! ^_^


Become a human being.
You will never satisfy with what you have now.

You want to be the best of all.
You want to have the best clothes.
You want to go to the best place.
You want to eat the best food.
And the list begin.

Just for the sake of what?
Is it you wanted to show off?

This dunya is more than just a playground, full of fake!
Am I too cruel to say that?

Forgive me for my harsh words.

But, it is all what I feel.
The trends become increasing lately.

I just don't know if I am part of them too?

Allahu rabbi.
Jagalah diriku. T.T


I don't know if I was blinded.
I told you the truth that I never care with who you are.
Just be yourself and be nice to others.

I don't know if I can get along with you.
My heart was fluctuated somehow but it fixed back.
Never to turn back again.

May Allah hear our du'a.
I guess the path we are going is just a step closer.
Am I right?

May Allah grant us the best way to hold unto.
Make it easy for us to be the best slave.

Allahu, I sake for your forgiveness for all my wrongdoings.
I know there is something is not right.
But, You always know what is the best for us.

Brother, let's build this life together.
For this ummah. And for the hereafter as well.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


How to be good in English?

Most will say that to be good is to practice it all the way.
I realize that in these few years I love to read in English.
I love the way how the 'language-way' dumped into my heart.

It is not that I don't love bahasa anymore.
As it is my first love before Arabic language.

Oh my.
I love languages!
And I wanna learn it more.

Craving much. >.<

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Ada sosok sosok yang seringkali menawan hatiku.
Kerana tulisannya yang menggugah jiwa.
Dari hati turun ke hati orang kata.

Terima kasih untuk segalanya.
Maaf kerana jadi stalker awak awak selama hari ini.
Kita tak pernah kenal tapi Allah yang perkenalkan saya pada awak.

Terima kasih kerana menginspirasi.
Harapan itu selalu ada. InshaAllah.

Semoga bertemu di Jannah.

usrah: al-hadid.

Terima kasih untuk ingatan sehari-hari.

Bukan senang nak menapak di dunia yang penuh senda gurauan ini.
Nak melawan hawa nafsu diri sendiri.

Mungkin diam itu adalah solusi terbaik untukku buat masa ini.
Di samping mendoakan yang terbaik serta terus berbuat baik.

Maafkan aku, akhawat.
Andai apa yang aku sampaikan tidak setanding amalku.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Kadang kita tamak.
Semua benda kita nak.
Semua benda kita nak ambil tahu.

Dari satu sudut mungkin bagus.
Tapi mustahil lah kalau tak bersungguh.



"Jangan jemu buat baik pada orang."

Engkau yang berkata itu sungguh walk the talk.
Sangat respect pada engkau!

Aku yang kadang terlupa.
Buat baik pada manusia.
Apatah lagi pada Pencipta.



Sampai satu tahap.
Kita 'enjoy' sangat belajar.
Sampai tak faham pun apa yang kita belajar sebenarnya.


Sebab dia tak dissolve in depth.
Dia cuma terbiar in the surface.

Apakah tiada keberkatan ilmu?


Saturday, November 08, 2014

muhasabah cinta.

Wahai pemilik nyawaku,
Betapa lemah diriku ini,
Berat ujian dari Mu,
Ku pasrahkan semua pada Mu.

Tuhan baru ku sedar,
Indah nikmat sihat itu,
Tak pandai aku bersyukur,
Kini ku harapkan cinta Mu.

Kata kata cinta terucap indah,
Mengalir berzikir di kidung doa ku,
Sakit yang ku rasa biar,
Jadi penawar dosaku.

Butir butir cinta air mataku,
Terlihat semua yang Kau beri untukku,
Ampuni khilaf dan salah selama ini,
Ya Illahi Muhasabah cintaku.

Tuhan kuatkan aku,
Lindungiku dari putus asa,
Jika ku harus mati,
Pertemukan aku dengan Mu.