Sunday, November 30, 2014

only you.

Ya Allah. I dunno.
If I have made a wrong decision before.
I run away from the hospital just because I want to continue my study.

Help me if I am wrong.
I know this is a test for me and my family.
InshaAllah with Your will, everything will be fine.
I always believe in You, the Almighty. Ya Syafi.

Sometimes they were too care about me.
I know their intention just to help their cousin.
But sometimes I feel like they force us with their decision.
Ya Rabb, I know this is a test.

Don't separate us with this little thing.
Some will not understand what are we going through.
Some might be understand but actually they are not really do.

I have faith in You, Allahu Rabbi.
I may not be the best slave for You.
Forgive me for all my mistakes and wrongdoings.
Only you could help me away from this tiny bubble of trial.

(3 : 160)

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