Tuesday, December 02, 2014


I think I left out something.
It is just a simple thing but I guess it is important to jot this down.

It was a difficult decision that I need to do after come back to Muadzam.
Either to stay with my old housemates who I have being with since my Foundation time.
Or to move to the new house which is in the first floor. (Ayu, Nadia, Ana, Fitri and Zira's)

I have sleep there for a night but it seems not suits to me.
It is not that I am not comfortable with the condition of the house but I just scared that I will make them in trouble.
I am sorry for not staying and I have made decision to stay with my old housemate.
We are being so loyal to be together since Foundation. It is about 4 years thou.

Actually I didn't check in yet until my fellow call me quite some times.
I was like too lazy to settle it out. To go wisma, pejabat penginapan and so on.
Well, on that time my house is at the third floor.
How you gonna imagine I go up and down just for that.
Because of that, I have been penalty for my mistakes.

Ha okay forget about that silly mistakes I've done.
Maybe it is the syndrome of final semester student. Maybe la. Hehe.
Then after I have give them my mc, they asked me if I wanted to stay at the ground floor.
With my condition on that time, I spontaneously said that I want and that evening I went to the house and told my housemate-to-be. :)

Alhamdulillah, after a month staying with them, I can feel the bond between us.
Even though all of them are Foundation student, they were so close together.
I remember the first time I met them, they help me carry all my stuffs to the house.
I am so glad to have them that are very welcoming me to their house.

Thank you for accepting me in this house. I may be not so huha huha.
Well I just love your amusing character that makes me happy from day to day.
Thank you for hanging all my clothes, Intan. You make me really touched.
Actually I just wanna leave it for a while as I wanted to go to Pasar Sabtu on that time.
Suddenly, when I'm home, all my clothes gone! Thank you again dear.

Thank you for all your kindness. Will be missing you all!
I have only about 2 months something to be at Muadzam.
How sad. :(

I am not comparing my old and new housemates.
They were all too precious with different memories.
Thank you for making my day in Muadzam colourful.

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