Monday, December 22, 2014

one fine day.

One Fine Day.
By, Rodier.

Graduation, Vitamin C.
Goodbye, Spice Girls.
Say Goodbye, S Club 7.
Reach, S Club 7.
Walking in Circles, Dead by Sunrise.

"And it is He who spread the earth and placed therein firmly set mountains and rivers; and from all of the fruits He made therein two mates; He causes the night to cover the day. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought." (13:3)

Anything good that comes in your life is because Allah blesses you. He blesses you with good health, loving family and friends, He tests you with hardship and gives you strength to overcome them. And Allah's blessing comes because of a parent's blessing. Search for that something good in your life. And know that Allah blesses you. And know that is because your parents blessed you and were proud of you.

Allah brings us down so that we learn how to get back up. He promises with every difficulty, there is a relief. Believe that. Believe that with all your heart. Someday, there will be.

Lullaby, Nickelback.
Roads Untraveled, Linkin Park.

Some roads are meant to be untraveled. Sometimes people are meant to meet and then go separate ways. But, every event has meaning. Every encounter. Every spoken word and every shared silence. Every lost love and every newfound friendship. It's a beautiful fate, if we accept it with an open heart.

Thank you,
Zahra Alias & Aryan Yusuf Khan.

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