Tuesday, December 02, 2014


What to do.
Human being will never satisfy with his/her own life.
Everyone love to travel around the world.
Going to overseas and enjoy the 4 seasons there.

Same goes to me.
I always wanted to pursue my studies abroad after SPM.
But Allah always knows what is the best for me than I know myself.
His plan is always better than me that He took me to Muadzam to continue my study.

I redha with what Allah has given to me.
So many nikmah that He throw out to His slave.
But always, human being like me never be grateful on what she have.
Tend to jealous (not jealous but hmm indescribable feeling) with my friends who study abroad.

As I will be graduated (inshaAllah) next year!
My dream to study abroad before have change to travelling with mission.
InshaAllah gonna prepare myself financially, physically and spiritually for the mission.
And well, these are the countries that I prefer to go.

New Zealand
And the list goes on!

Bestnya kalau dapat travel alone. :D

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