Sunday, December 07, 2014

usrah: taqwa.

I guess I have to start writing about what I have learned in my usrah.
It was a waste that I'm not writing it here as it's a precious moment, my energy booster living the journey of my life.

Usrah Adik, at my house, 5.00pm.
With Alia, Abin and Emma.
Only 3 of them could come, while 5 of them were not.
It's okay! At least we get something. :)

MC: Alia.
She was sharing about Omar Regan Talk: From Hollywood to Hajj. Omar Regan told the story about how he began with nobody to somebody today. The Hollywood situation that was full with entertainment that makes him thinking of something later. It is when Allah gives him Hidayah and he changes to a better Muslim after that. Based on the surah Ghafir (40:60), he believes that Allah will always listened to his prayer. These are only a part of the ibrah that we share together. The rest maybe you could hear it from the youtube. InshaAllah. Alhamdulillah, I have once heard about the name of Omar Regan but actually I don't know if he is a comedy actor. MashaAllah! Thank you Alia. ^_^

It was Surah Ali-Imran verses 101-110 (3:101-110). I love those verses as I feel that I have drowned into it. It was like Allah is speaking directly to us. I just want to share about this one verse. A short one but the most deepest one.

(3:102) O you who have believed, fear Allah as He should be feared and do not die except as Muslims [in submission to Him]. Let's separate this into two.

1) Fear Allah as He should be feared.
Bertaqwalah kepada Allah dengan sebenar-benar taqwa. Untuk mendapat sebenar-benar taqwa, bukanlah dengan hanya mengetahui bahawa taqwa itu adalah takutkan Allah. Tetapi berdasarkan hadis Sahih Mulim, Rasulullah bersabda bahawa ciri seseorang yang sebenar-benarnya bertaqwa ialah:
1) Sentiasa TAAT kepada Allah dan tidak menderhaka kepada-Nya.
2) Sentiasa SYUKUR kepada Allah dan tidak ingkar terhadap nikmat-Nya.
3) Sentiasa INGAT kepada-Nya dan tidak lupa kepada-Nya.

Sungguh untuk menyampaikan ini aku terasa bebanan di bahu itu sungguh berat. Sungguh terkutuklah aku sekiranya aku sendiri tidak melakukannya dan beramal dengannya. Sungguhlah, ketika berada di sini, aku lebih banyak mempelajari dari mereka. Maafkan akak kerana tidak seperti sangkaan adik-adik.

Sangat terkesan dengan ini. Sehingga di bawa bersama mimpi-mimpi. Ya, aku merindui Ustazah Badariah. Ustazah sekolah rendah agamaku dahulu. May Allah take care of you and gives you a good health.

2) Do not die except as Muslims [in submission to Him].
Janganlah kamu mati melainkan dalam keadaan Islam. It is not what we are now, it is all about what we are in the end. Husnul khatimah (ameen) or Su'ul khatimah (na'uzubillah). There is one whom doing good for entire of their life, but he end his life with su'ul khatimah and there's also whom doing lots of crime and bad things but end up with husnul khatimah. How that can be? Is Allah is being not fair to His slave. No. There must be a secret hidden behind that. Allah wanna teach us that no matter who you are now, it is not important. There's always hope above that.

SubhanAllah! This is really inspiring. Don't feel comfortable if now you're in the group of people that always doing good, do dakwah etc. Cause you don't know what will happen in your future death. Always pray to Allah to have the good ending and not the bad ending. We're going to face the alam barzakh and mahsyar with what are we in the end of dunya.

End with tadabbur. We continue with tajweed!
It's like been a long time that we didn't refresh on tajweed. Even though we recite al-Quran everyday but still there must be some flaws of our recitation. We learn back about mad asli (alif, wau, ya) and hukum nun sakinah and tanwin specifically on izhar halqi and izhar mutlaq. Having fun searching the words with those verses that we recite before. Alhamdulillah. I guess I need to gives them some notes so that they can digest it faster. InshaAllah. Ilmu with amal.

Then, we talk about the current issue. We were discussing about PRK Uniten. Ahah. Yet is was not the big current issue, but still it's important for us as we are Unitenians. :)

Lastly, Alia end our usrah with recitation of tasbih kifarah and suratul 'Asr.

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