Thursday, April 09, 2015


The word sabr means more than just patience. It means more than just endurance. It means to hold something in. It is used to describe a cage that holds in a wild animal. The animal struggles to come out from the cage, it gnaws and claws at it, but the cage holds it in. This is what Sabr means. It means to hold something. Sometimes you feel like getting angry but you hold your anger in. Sometimes you feel like speaking out but you hold your words in. Sometimes you feel like lamenting and crying but you hold your grief in. Sabr also means to persevere and to be steadfast. So you keep on walking the path no matter how difficult it becomes. You keep on doing what is required of you no matter how long it takes. You keep on waking up for Fajr on time every morning, you go the masjid for Isha every night, you hold the fast until sunset, you keep on lowering your gaze no matter how many times the temptation presents itself to you, you keep on holding your tongue and prevent yourself from backbiting or hurting others. This is what Sabr means, it is hold in and to persevere.

Without a doubt this is not easy. But you do it for Allah (swt). You do it for your love of Him and your fear and awe of Him (swt). You put yourself through that difficulty in order to please Him (swt). No matter how much pain you may be going through, no matter how hard it is for you, you are willing to endure it because of your love for Him (swt). Just the thought that He is looking down upon you now and He is pleased with you is enough of a consolation. You do not need anything else other than your certain knowledge of this fact. - Zakia Usmani

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